Raw Barz: Cromblah Vs Sacar [Main Event]

Raw Barz, the youtube sensation of 2013 in Nepal, is back once again wit the main event of the last event of season 2 between Cromblah from Pokhara and Kathmandu’s own Sacar. The rapper who created stirs after his heated bout with Fuchsia uses a lot of creativeness and wordplays in trying to humiliate and destroy his opponent but Sacar also comes back strong with a lot of sick lines and witty rhyme schemes. Both rappers talk about each other’s personal topics and Cromblah is also seen dissing Tsamyun over something he wasn’t happy about. Both rappers seems to have done a lot of homework on each other the way they flawlessly take shots at their opponent. Here are a few still pictures from the most anticipated encounter of the day.

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Hosted by Easi 12 and co-hosted by the management head of Raw Barz, Kolin Bikram Rana, the battles were held at the revlutionary venue in Jhamsikhel amidst hundreds of enthusiastic fans and followers who came to witness the farewell event for 2013. Cromblah is also seen taking out notepad out his bag as he tries to prove a point while playing his way with words as he tries to break his opponent while Sacar stands there thinking what he is trying to do. The crowd is thoroughly entertained by both MCs and it was one of the best battles of the day. So stop wasting any more time and watch the video below. Also don’t forget to leave comments. Enjoy!

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23 thoughts on “Raw Barz: Cromblah Vs Sacar [Main Event]

  1. battle was awesome but tsyamun lai bhaneko chitta bujhena kinaki i think that is cromblah’s publicity stunt plus muji yo battle ho wordplays garne bhaye garr na jatha k khana padauchas>??? hami ni bujhchau !!! ani natak garera publicity paunu bhanda bhai battle ma punches deyyy genius banna nakhoj !!! Kathmandu yo hamro ho yo tero haina ghar , yesai gari badi bolish bhane yo tarwarr tero jiu ko war par!!!

  2. cromblah has shown his own creativity to the battle i really appreciate it but rapping skills of sacar is far more better than that of cromblah. Sacar is really talented rapper, coz a rapper is known how good he/she is by their freestyle
    an freestyle of sacar is equivalent to internetional levels. But for me unik poet is the best.

  3. smoking on the stage…. i dont know what you guys are trying to prove but… you probably shudn’t do it cuz it will make things a lot worse for upcoming generations than it really is….


  4. Cromblah is dope bro.. Nobody is creative in raw barz than him. People , THis fucking gay ass guy sacar quit the third round how abt that… Also Cromblah didn’t get to spit his third verse… If you think cromblah is doing over than what he should do, go fucking watch international battle rap… Then you gonna no what fuckin battle rap is cocksuckers

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