Raw Barz: Tsamyun Vs Rhythms Up | Female Rap Battle |

Raw Barz brings you yet another heated female rap battle between Tsamyun from Swayambhu, Kathmandu and Rhythms Up from Paranormals, Biratnagar. The battle seems to be very dramatic as both MCs try to bring out creativity while dissing their opponents face to face. We can witness Rhythms Up kneel down on the floor trying to maintain eye contact with Tsamyun dissing her on her height. The battle proves to be very entertaining for the audience that showed up in large numbers at the revolutionary venue in Jhamsikhel. We saw both female rappers battle before this with different opponents but this one definitely packs the punch.

rhythms up vs tsamyuntsamyun vs rhythms up

The event was hosted by Easi 12 from Sick Jam and co-hosted by the CEO of Xclusivez Entertainment, Kolin Bikram Rana. We can also see other female battle rappers Pari and Cring in the background. The battle happens to be one of the most controversial among the female battles in the league. Tsamyun disses her opponent fro her looks and also the figure and boast how she’s got all the requirements in a female body while Rhythms Up chooses to humiliate her opponent with nedy jokes and sarcasm. Watch the video below and find out what exactly happened during the clash of tow of the best female rappers in the country. Enjoy!!

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12 thoughts on “Raw Barz: Tsamyun Vs Rhythms Up | Female Rap Battle |

  1. I am also great fan of rap song and rapper like yama buddha dai. I want to be rapper like todays rapper.

  2. it’s damn gud to watch grls so bold n strong comparing sum guz out in rawbarz who can’t meet-up to da level of dese galz..hats-off!! kp BANGING..(Y)

  3. Rap battle bhaneko brikriti jasto lagyo kina ki rap ma ek le arka lai mukh chhadne fuck you jasta nasty word use garne yahan samma ki female le pani sabai ko samu f**k jasta nasty word use gareko dekhda ma nepaliharule western ko copy garne tyo pani vulgar things tara positive things kahile copy garna nasakne wah wah re nepalese

  4. i think Tsamyun is talent than rhythems up (also rhythems up too) she looks like a angel
    ( pari) dalli vayeni smiling face n cute raixe tatto dammii thauma hanya raixa…malai man paryo so wanna say lop yuh Tsamyun plz keep in touch

  5. tsamyun is more talent than thythems up …………she is very cute,and sexy her cute smiling face is so innocent…she can be one of the best femal rappers.rawbaz ko wakka lagdo keta haruko bak bak sunda sunda vomit nai hola jasto bhayeko thiyo this is one of the best rap……..mile yo rapbattle 20 choti bhanda besi here ….rawbaz ma abo chahi ketiharu le raz garne bhayo tyo lahure mula kata gayo kuni 2 rap battle kheldai hero bhaye jasto cha tetro balen vs lahure ko demand garda garda pani bhau bade jastai cha tyo lahure,balen,unik poet bhanda ta yo keti haru ko harip dami cha …….keta haru ko rapbattle sunda ta lag nai lagera aucha ………..explict language bahek kehi chaina keta ho sika yo keti haru sanga ……….1 tsamyun 2 pari 3 rhythums up 4 crying ranks…..tsamyun iam really big fan of u lahure ra balen jastai naharunu la timi u can do much better than anyone in rawbaz

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